Ofra Graicer, PhD

Dr. Ofra Graicer, SOD (Systemic Operational Design) Expert, has been working in the past 15 years in the Defense establishments towards transforming these organizations into innovative systems, around the globe. 

As Chief Instructor in the Israeli Defense Forces Operational Command Course (IDF OCC), she prepares Senior Military Officers for General Staff level of performance, guiding them through the process of devising strategy and operations for the new era. 

Dr. Graicer’s research areas range from Deep Operations to Special Operations and Cyber, where she develops Future Concepts, war-games and simulations. 

Ofra served as a Snipers Officer in the IDF and is educated in Art and Film, Political Science and Security Studies. 

Married +3, she transitions culturally between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. 
And, if time and weather permit, you may find her at the beach, catching the waves…

TEDx Talk

Tel Aviv University February 2016


Can Generals be Taught? Why Generals need to forget, before they can become Generals”

In this 2016 TedX Talk, Dr. Ofra Graicer shares her insights on how to prepare for future wars, rather than past ones. 



Coming Soon in English

יצא לאור בעברית

Books written on military issues are typically divided between those seeking new theories of warfare and those offering a historical analysis of bloody conflicts. Two Steps Ahead is among the few offering both.


The first part  of the book provides a framework for thinking of Operational Maneuvering Systems and Special Operations. The second part of the book takes us through the series of Special Operations designed and led by Major General Orde Charles Wingate - from the Special Night Squads’ dealings with the Arab Revolt in Eretz Israel during the late 1930s; through countering the Italian offensive in Abyssinia 1941; to the Burma Campaign 1942-1944 (in which he found his death). Each phase in the evolution of Wingate’s ideas is a masterpiece of adapting an Operational Concept to a unique context. 


From a current perspective, rapid changes of strategic realities in the region only intensify the need to advance our understanding of advanced theories and practices of  war-making - from a Israeli and global viewpoints alike. Read more...