"Logic will get you from A to B.

Imagination will take you everywhere."

 Albert Einstein 

Pipes of Peace? Smoking is Bad for You...

May 2011


Peace is a modern invention, claims Michael Howard. Yet this conflict runs back 1500 years; Peace is signed between nations, it is a crucial element of the UN charter post two world wars. Yet, peace agreements in the Middle East are based on personalities. What happens when they are no longer with us? Or when their impact is dissolved? (Sa’adat, M’barac, J’maiel, Arafat, Rabin, Sharon – are but a few examples); Peace is made between democracies. Israel is a democracy, it is a Westernized creation.


What is the Palestinian Authority? What will it become post Fayyad and post reconciliation with Hamas? What are Arab Nations evolving to in this midst of revolutions?;


The current strategy-theory for negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority is founded on principles set in the early 70s. Yet the world has not stood still... In fact, we are in the midst of major Global, regional and internal transitions, which merit critical review of these principles.


The Bible and the Sword: The Intersection of Gender Bias  

Thomson Reuters Foundation -  July 2012


Well into its seventh decade, the State of Israel is still battling over core issues of identity. A westernized democracy in origins, Israel is facing a rising wave of religiosity, which threatens secular individuals and women in particular.


The Israeli Declaration of Independence settled the potential contradiction between the Zionist movement’s two primary systems of values - faith and democracy - with some compromises. But it was David Ben-Gurion, the first, mythological Israeli Prime Minister, who acknowledged, “Some issues would have to be resolved by future generations.” Read more...

Women in National Security – An International Perspective - Working Paper  

The 12th Herzliya Conference, February 2012  


For the past several years, it seems national leaders are failing in keeping pace with evolving realities, both internally and internationally. This observation runs across the political spectrum, regardless of worldview: governments rise and fall, but are often incapable of identifying potential; initiating policy or shaping a better geo-strategic reality for their voters.


The nature of warfare has been shifting dramatically since the end of the cold war, owing to a growing cultural asymmetry between conflicting entities and resulting in a disparity on the rules of the game. These ‘new wars’ reject traditional dichotomies between war and peace, crisis and routine, front and rear, and fighters and innocents.


Israel is no exception – the Israeli Security Concept has difficulty in coping with emerging strategic challenges and opportunities, while failing to pro-actively develop positive goals. Read more...